Art always finds its way and that path leads to the colors of a Malaga sunset in the bay.

Julieta Brand's new collection is inspired by the beauty of the pictorial, by the light of the South, by the sparkles and reflections of a land that saw the birth of the genius Pablo Ruiz Picasso, whose 50th anniversary of his death this year marks. .

Collaboration with Mavi Casanova

A tribute to the Malaga artist conceived through the master strokes of the Andalusian watercolorist Mavi Casanova that run through the garments of Julieta Brand's most artistic and special collection to date.

Pure textile art, a game, an optical illusion that finds in trompe-l'oeil the dialogue between watercolor, alamares and picoline. The trompe l'oeil becomes Juliet's fantasy, which this season imagines a powerful, urban and cosmopolitan woman.

Women who tell their story

Women who choose to tell their own story when dressing. And this... this is ours, Julieta Brand's and how this collection was created that sounds like a flamenco guitar, a Picasso guitar that blends with fashion like a drop of water in a watercolor.

From the idea to the workshop

Dare to tell your own story

In a world where everything had to be yesterday, slow fashion makes us stop, reflect and value what we have in our hands.